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With over 100+ years of combined experience in general contracting, construction management, design/build, renovation within commercial, retail, industrial and institutional sectors; our expert team is dedicated to providing quality workmanship that exceeds our client’s expectations.



To be the recognized leaders in construction industry, committed to building the most efficient and valuable commercial projects for our clients and communities by continuously strengthening our processes, our team and quality of projects.




Kosta founded HKC in 2010 after a 15-year history of large residential, commercial, and institutional projects. He is responsible for overseeing the company’s operations from conception to completion, scaling the company, and positioning HKC for continued success. Kosta attended the University of Toronto, with a major in commerce. He has received numerous certifications related to construction and management; and continues to develop himself as not only a leader, but an influencer within the construction sector. Kosta has created strong and lasting relationships within the construction sector and continues to build networks in the industry.



Helen co-founded HKC in 2010 with Kosta Mentis. She manages daily operations, establishes valued client relations, and implements company policies and programs. With a demonstrated history of working in the construction industry and skilled operations management, Helen oversees all business operational and tactical aspects to ensure we have effective and talented individuals working as a team. Through her teaching education and background, Helen is the Health and Safety Officer that manages the development of the Policies and Procedures of our Health and Safety Program. She ensures that all staff and subs are fully trained and compliant with rules and regulations.



David is the Chief Financial Officer for HKC. He has over 25 years of experience in this role for various companies in the Food Industry. David has built strong private accounting experience that encompasses a variety of industries including construction. He strongly believes in building teams that work together to meet deadlines and accomplish company goals. Since joining HKC, David has brought his skills as a good communicator, a sound understanding of finance and a proven record of developing people.



Peter has over 25 years of experience in Structural Engineering, Construction, Project Management, Building Envelope, Infrastructure and Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC). For his contributions, Mr. Calcetas was awarded “Fellow of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering” for Excellence in Civil Engineering, Mentorship and Sustainable Infrastructure. Peter is committed to Sustainable Development, and works very closely with the CSCE (Canadian Society for Civil Engineering) as a Board Member and Regional Vice President of Ontario Leading Professional Development along with ISI (Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure) Envision framework’s Canadian adoption. 



“Strong team that was very knowledgeable and cooperative”

Throughout the course of each project, we found that HKC had a strong team that was very knowledgeable and cooperative. They adhered to rules and regulations required at the airport and were diligent on health and safety matters. In addition, after construction completion, they were responsive and thorough in addressing any minor issues associated with the projects. All our experiences working with HKC have been positive, and to the best of our knowledge this company has a history of timely and successful completion of projects.

Project Manager


“Streamlined, honest process built upon open communication and thorough construction knowledge”

What you can expect from HKC is a streamlined, honest process, built upon open communication and thorough construction knowledge that dramatically simplifies the construction process. They are a partner to be replied upon from the start of the project, in the concept/budget development phase, and on through the life of the building.

Property Manager

Maple Ridge Community Management

“Stay within budget and provide a strong and safe work environment”

HKC and their team both in the office and on site respond quickly, stay within budget, provide a strong and safe work environment, all while performing quality craftsmanship. It is a pleasure working for them. I would highly recommend HKC for any future projects.


Masway Contracting

“Quality work and attention to detail”

They have provided excellent customer service to many residents and boards where it is a large exterior project over many weeks or the smallest drywall repair inside a suite. They provide such a quality work and attention to detail that compliments usually result.

Property Manager

Summerhill Property Management

“Great Relationship”

HKC have been a customer of ours for over 5 years and I personally have had a great relationship with several of their staff members.

Assistant Manager

Bernardi Building Supply

“Great quality in project completions”

It is with great pleasure to recommend HKC to any property management groups that are looking for great quality in project completions.

Property Manager

Goldview Property Management

“Great Health and Safety Program”

HKC has managed works in a manner that allowed them to be completed on or ahead of schedule while maintaining an excellent relationship with the client, and our construction team on site. On-site coordination was handled very professionally, and all of the required paperwork and queries were responded promptly. They have a great Health and Safety Program in place to ensure all workers work in a safe environment. Understanding that it takes highly qualified personnel to maintain good relationships, HKC has provided exceptional staff that stay involved and accessible through a project.

Vice President

Zone Electrical

“Always punctual, precise and friendly”

They are dedicated to their clients and are responsive to their requests. It is a pleasure to work with HKC and their crew who are always punctual, precise and friendly to the surrounding communities. HKC is a partner to be relied upon from the start of the project, during the development phase and on through the life of the project. Whether it is big or small, their projects are always completed with care and assuring customer satisfaction. HKC has provided Amari with a variety of services, performed by skilled professionals and completed in a timely manner. It is HKC’s integrity, efficiency, and versatility that I am recommending. Their commitment to quality and understanding of the importance of exceptional performance makes them a great partner in finding solutions to budget constraints conciliating the financial, functional, and aesthetical goals of the projects.


Amari GC